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What is the Click & Read extension?

Click & Read is a complementary access mode to the BibCnrs portal.

It’s a unified browser extension, developed by Inist-CNRS for the CNRS research communities, allowing direct access to the full text of Unpaywall (including HAL…), ISTEX, Panist and BibCnrs platforms.

When you browse the Internet :

  • whatever the site (Google, Google Scholar, publisher sites…)
  • whatever the query (article title, authors, DOI…)
  • the Click & Read extension analyzes the page consulted for document identifiers (DOI, PMID, PII (Elsevier identifier))
  • then searches for the document that matches the identifier found in the available collections: Unpaywall, Istex, Panist and BibCnrs
  • and adds the button if the resource is available
  • Then you just have to click on the button to access the document

How to install the Click & Read extension?

A unique URL:

In the specific page of the extension on your browser, click on Add and then accept the installation options.

– Don’t worry about the automatic security message.

– In order to work the Click & Read extension must access and scan all pages.

– The code of the Click & Read extension is not malicious and only accesses the credentials of document resources, it has been verified at the time of publication for distribution via the various browser stores.

Open, in parallel with the installation of the C&R logo in your browser bar, the settings page:

  • Choose your institution of affiliation. If it does not appear in the list, click on Other
  • Check if you are a BibCnrs user and choose your BibCnrs domain(s)
  • Click on Activate if you want to set up the libraries linked to Click & Read in Google Scholar (according to your rights: Istex and/or BibCnrs). Note that the number of libraries in Google Scholar is limited to 5
  • Save your settings (you can change them at any time)
  • After saving, you can close the window, navigate as usual on the Internet and when a link to the full text is available the Click & Read logo will appear.

If you have any questions about the Click & Read extension, you can :

Consult the FAQ
Contact your support team


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