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BibCnrs is the portal providing access to the CNRS’s digital document resources.

It provides CNRS units and researchers with access which has been negotiated to a set of journals, books and databases. These are available both for all researchers and for defined scientific communities.

BibCnrs is multidisciplinary and offers ten discipline fields which each correspond to one of the ten CNRS scientific institutes.

It is run by the Inist (UPS76) for the CNRS and was set up in collaboration with the CNRS Scientific and Technical Information Department (DIST) and the STI correspondents (Cor’ISTs) of each of the CNRS scientific institutes.

BibCnrs has been developed using state of the art document engineering with improved content, infrastructure, management of communities, access and search functions.

It was developed in 2016 and replaces the previous scientific information portals BiblioPlanets, BiblioSciences, BiblioSHS, BiblioST2I, BiblioVie and TitaneSciences.