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– You use a Janus account? Subscribe to our mailing lists!

Would you like to be instantly informed of the new resources and documentary tools made available on BibCnrs along with new services or changes? We would therefore like to invite you to subscribe to our “mailing lists”. Each scientific area has its own mailing list.

To do this, you can:

Either send us an e-mail by indicating the disciplinary field(s) for which you wish to receive information

Or yourself subscribe by using your Janus username / password (which you use to connect to BibCnrs ) to one or more lists:
– to subscribe to the Biology mailing list: https://bib.cnrs.fr/mailing-list-for-insb/

– to subscribe to the Chemistry mailing list: https://bib.cnrs.fr/mailing-list-for-inc/

– to subscribe to the Ecology & Environment mailing list: https://bib.cnrs.fr/mailing-list-for-inee/

– to subscribe to the Humanities and Social Sciences mailing list: https://bib.cnrs.fr/mailing-list-for-inshs/

– to subscribe to the Engineering & Systems mailing list: https://bib.cnrs.fr/mailing-list-for-insis/

– to subscribe to the Mathematics mailing list: https://bib.cnrs.fr/mailing-list-for-insmi/

– to subscribe to the Nuclear & Particles Physics mailing list: https://bib.cnrs.fr/mailing-list-for-in2p3/

– to subscribe to the Physics mailing list: https://bib.cnrs.fr/mailing-list-for-inp/

– to subscribe to the Information Sciences mailing list: https://bib.cnrs.fr/mailing-list-for-ins2i/

– to subscribe to the Earth Sciences & Astronomy mailing list: https://bib.cnrs.fr/mailing-list-for-insu/


Looking forward to seeing you soon on our mailing lists!