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Tests SciFinder-n/CAS et REAXYS/Elsevier platforms

As part of the discovery campaign and as requested by the Institute of Chemistry, we would like to invite you to test the SciFinder – CAS et REAXYS – Elsevier platforms until June 30th 2018.

You can find all the necessary information on this in the tests space of your CHEMISTRY community: https://bib.cnrs.fr/finding-out-about-new-resources-for-bibcnrs/?category=headlines

  • SciFinder® is a portal to chemistry and related information providing easy access to the most trusted collection of chemical substances, reactions and literature references, curated by expert scientists.

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  • REAXYS is a platform brings together the CrossFire Beilstein and Gmelin databases with the Patent Chemistry Database and thus provides chemists with a set of several million reactions and chemical compounds with their properties plus the associated references.


Please do not hesitate to take part in the tests and to send us your views by replying to our short surveys!

REAXYS survey

SciFinder survey