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Monthly webinars by the services of Clarivate Analytics: Web of Science, Incites etc.

The CNRS has negotiated with Clarivate Analytics (ex-Thomson Reuters) access to bibliometric and citation tools. Thus, all users of BibCNRS can now access the Web of Science as well as Journals and Highly Cited Data. This last module brings together Journal Citation Reports – JCR, and Essential Science Indicators – ESI on the InCites platform. Preferential access is proposed to the management of Institutes and evaluation services of CNRS research for the Benchmarking module and Analytics of Incites.

The access platform grants access to all the citational databases of WOS, where the citation index of the WOS Core Collection is available in BibCnrs via the “database” search button.


Clarivate Analytics now proposes a program of monthly presentations to develop the abilities of their services in the field of use (Web of Science, Incites, etc.) and also to discover the recent improvements to functions and contents. The presentations detailed below will be given in French by an expert from Clarivate Analytics.


Click HERE to see the calendar of presentations: however you are free to choose the presentations in the language of your choice, per product, etc. using the filtre situated on the left hand side. (Take care: the calendar is in American time)




Where to publish? 

What to read?

How to identify the most influencing scientific journals?

(Monday 25th September 2017: 11h00)

During this session you will discover how to compare journals in your discipline using different measurements of impact and visuals, but also how to choose a journal before submitting your manuscript, or how to follow and evaluate the journals in which your institute has published.

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The new functionalities of the Web of Science and Incites

(Monday 25th September 2017: 15h00)

The Clarivate expert will present the latest improvements and the new properties that will improve your bibliographic discoveries and reinforce your understanding of evaluation techniques of citation performance. You will discover the new functions included in Web of Science and Benchmark Incites and Analytics with, amongst others, ESCI (Our new index of emerging sources), the cover of French regions in terms of financers, etc.

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Go beyond research by keywords and accelerate discovery by maximizing the use of citation navigation

(Thursday 28th 2017: 15h00)

The Clarivate expert will demonstrate how to lead profound and complete research with the help of a case study, on a subject by employing the power of the Web of Science citation network. You will learn how to discover research works that are important in your field which would have been neglected during simple methods of a search by key-words. You will also learn how to scan through the citation network to:

  • Follow the progression of a subject over time
  • Identify the most important and pertinent research for your subject
  • Discover the researchers and financing agencies that are the most active in your domain

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