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ISTEX undergoes new grooming

The project ISTEX of investment in the future has as its main aim to offer to the whole of the community of higher education and research an on-line access to retrospective collections of scientific literature in all disciplines by committing to a national policy of massive acquisition of documentation: journal archives, databases, text corpuses etc.

New contracts have been signed recently, and from now on via BibCnrs you can access:

  • Volumes 1935-2012 of the Duke Mathematical Journal. Published by Duke University Press since its launch in 1935
  • Geological society Publishing – ebooks : 305 volumes published between 1964 and 2008, issued by the Special Publications of the Lyell Collection
  • Brepols Publishers – ebooks : 849 titles, including the Miscellanea
  • Brepols Publishers – journals: 45 original titles, the oldest volume dating from 1882, and volumes running through to 2012
  • Numeric Premium – e-books: 268 titles

Remind  of the ISTEX resources that are accessible via BibCnrs  at the current time:

Brepols Publishers – journals 45 titles of the origins published by Brepols Publishers. The oldest volume dates from 1882, and they run through to vol 2012. Brepols is a Belgian publishing house, created in 1796 and specialized in ancient and medieval history, literature, linguistics, medieval thought processes and theology.
Brepols Publishers – e-books 849 titles, including theMiscellanea, published by Brepols Publishers, a Belgian publishing house created in 1796 specializing in ancient and medieval history, literature, linguistics, medieval thought processes and theology.
Brill – journals 220 scientific journal titles published by Brill from its origins until 2012, principally devoted to the humanities, social sciences, international law and the rights of man and biology.
British Medical Journal – revues 64 medical journal titles published by BMJ, the editorial branch of the association of British doctors (BMA) from its origins to 2013.
Cambridge University Press – journals 312 titles of journals published by CUP, dealing with all scientific disciplines, although there is a strong bias towards HSS, from the origins until 2010 (or even 2014 for certain titles).
Garnier classical digital A Large Corpus of dictionaries (24 dictionaries cover the evolution of the French language over a dozen centuries), a Large Corpus of French grammars, annotations and remarks of the language (including French grammars of the renaissance, French grammars of the  17th century and remarks about the French language).
De Gruyter – journals 474 scientific journal titles published by De Gruyter from its beginnings up until 2012.
Duke University Press – Duke Mathematical Journal 161 volumes from its beginnings (1935) up until 2012.
Elsevier – journals More than 2200 titles of scientific journals published by Elsevier from the beginning until 2001.
Emerald – journals 362 journals published by Emerald, mainly i n commerce, management and economics, from 1898 to 2010 inclusive.
Gale Cengage Learning – ECCO More than 180 000 titles (200 000 volumes) printed between 1701 and 1800 in Great Britain, Brittany and the British colonies.
Geological Society Publishing 305 volumes published between 1964 and 2008, issues of the Special Publications of the Lyell Collection.
Institute of Physics Publishing – journals 107 titles of scientific journals published by the Institute of Physics from its beginnings until 2012.
Nature – journals Nature, the general  scientific reference journal, from its beginnings (1869) until 2012 « Nature branded journals » from their beginnings until 2012.
New Pauly Online Reference encyclopedia of sciences of the Antiquities, in English and German.
Digital Premium 2 bundles, « French literature and francophonie » and « the French revolution and the First Empire », encompassing 268 works published between 1962 and 2015.
Oxford University Press – journals 264 scientific review titles published by the University Presses of the  prestigious Oxford University, from their beginnings until 2010.
ProQuest – Early English Books Online Digital version of the total of the works printed between 1473 and 1700 in England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and in the British colonies of North America, as well as the works in the English language printed elsewhere.
Collection of the courses of the Académie de La Haye 338 volumes of courses dispensed at the Académie of international law at the Haye, from its origins (1923) until 2012, forming an encyclopedic collection on international law of 15 colloquium titles (1969-2008) 8 titles of the Center for Studies and Research in international law and relations (2000-2008) 7 titles of The Law Books of the Academy (1988-2010).
Royal Society of Chemistry – journals 118 titles of scientific journals published by the Royal Society of Chemistry from its beginnings until 2010.
Royal Society of Chemistry – e-books 1200 books published by the Royal Society of Chemistry between 1968 and 2014.
Sage – journals 748 titles of scientific journals published by Sage from its beginnings until 2009.
Springer – e-books More than 7500 titles of electronic books published up to 2004 issued from 16 series of e-books.
Springer – journals More than 1000 titles of  scientific journals published by Springer from their beginnings until 1996.
Springer Nature – e-books 33 000 titles, from the beginnings until 2013 included, encompassing the total production of each year’s editorial, issued from 4 collections in mathematics and statistics, physics and astronomy, chemistry and material sciences, engineering. 600 titles were published in 2013 issued from the LNCS – Lecture Notes in Computer Science.
Wiley – journals Nearly 2200 titles of scientific journals have been published by Wiley since the beginnings until 2011.
Taylor & Francis – e-books 1494 books in political science and international relations were published by Taylor & Francis between 1977 and 2012.
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