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How can I be recognized as a rights holder on a publisher’s site using a bookmark?

You can use a bookmark to identify yourself as a rights holder when you browse on a publisher’s website and thus obtain the full text version of an article without needing to first run a search on the BibCnrs portal.

You just need to create a bookmark for your discipline field’s URL on your browser. A four- minute tutorial explains everything!

Here is the list of URL to put into your bookmarks:
For INSU javascript:void(location.href=’http://insu.bib.cnrs.fr/login?url=’+location.href)
For INEE javascript:void(location.href=’http://inee.bib.cnrs.fr/login?url=’+location.href)
For INSHS javascript:void(location.href=’http://inshs.bib.cnrs.fr/login?url=’+location.href)
For INSB javascript:void(location.href=’http://insb.bib.cnrs.fr/login?url=’+location.href)
For IN2P3 javascript:void(location.href=’http://in2p3.bib.cnrs.fr/login?url=’+location.href)
For INP javascript:void(location.href=’http://inp.bib.cnrs.fr/login?url=’+location.href)
For INSIS javascript:void(location.href=’http://insis.bib.cnrs.fr/login?url=’+location.href)
For INS2I javascript:void(location.href=’http://ins2i.bib.cnrs.fr/login?url=’+location.href)
For INC javascript:void(location.href=’http://inc.bib.cnrs.fr/login?url=’+location.href)
For INSMI javascript:void(location.href=’http://insmi.bib.cnrs.fr/login?url=’+location.href)

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