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Elsevier Scopus Webinars

In the context of negotiations agreed in the CNRS purchasing department, Elsevier will put in place a series of webinars in French allowing the users of citation databases and bibliometric tools to employ to the best of their abilities these tools and their evolution. Also this website is really helpful as you might seen.

In BibCnrs, the platform of access to Scopus is via the research tab “a database”.

 The first webinar will be held on September 26th from 11h30 to 12h00. It will concentrate on researchers’ needs and will have as its aim to present different cases of the utilization of Scopus to help researchers to measure their impact. The following sessions will be held on October the 18th and November the 21st.


“What does the internet think about your research publications? Alternative metrics to measure research impact.

What is the reception of scientific publications and how do they receive attention on the internet? Since the beginning of this year, Elsevier provides PlumX Metrics. These metrics explore the impact of your publications in many directions. We have thus begun a series of webinars, the first having as its aim to demonstrate how PlumX Metrics are used in Scopus, and give you a crash course on alternative metrics.”

Trainer: Anne Catherine Rota, Relations Institutionnelles, Research Intelligence.

To sign up for the webinar of September 26th click  HERE.

Recorded session


The visibility of French laboratories on Scopus: what are the benefits for researchers?

As you know, the fact that French laboratories have multiple administrative supervision bodies does not facilitate the visibility of their scientific publications which is, however, of crucial importance. During this session we will present the progress of our optimization programme for finding French laboratories’ publications on Scopus. Then we shall address the main benefits for researchers and their laboratories – whether these involve responses to calls for projects, the preparation of evaluations, the development of collaborations or even partnership research projects.

Session leader: Catherine Rota, Relations Institutionnelles, Research Intelligence.

To sign up for the webinar of October 18th click  HERE.

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