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2020 A year of change for BibCnrs! : #STEP 2 – MORE FREE RESOURCES

IT work on BibBNRS is ongoing and after the integration of new visual guidelines on the site, work has focused on another requirement expressed during the UX initiative in 2019 namely the promotion of free resources.

 BibCnrs already offers access to free resources as approved by the CNRS institutes’ STI Correspondents (PubMed, Persée, Crystallography open database, etc.).

 The new feature is the addition of free resources which are directly accessible when running an Article search. This is the case for HAL, DOAJ, ArXiv as well as in the implementation of the call to use Unpaywall.

 Some features are already online and others will be accessible as site evolves towards the end of the first half of 2020.

 We are looking for testers!

If you’d like to discover and try the new site, please contact the Portal Support department.

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Covid-19: list of facilities offered by suppliers brought to our attention

In a recent message, we informed you that Couperin, ADBU and EPRIST had invited scientific publishers to give free access to scientific publications during the Covid-19 pandemic. There have been many initiatives from our suppliers to facilitate access to content. Some suppliers temporarily open up their entire catalogue while others open the Covid-19 information or extend or relax the access conditions in view of the situation. Here is the list (put on line by COUPERIN) of the facilities offered by the suppliers which we have been informed of to date. The opening of access to the CAIRN and J-STOR resources concern current subscribers. INIST has already contacted the publishers. We will of course inform you as soon as possible if and when they are actually opened and tell you access methods. This list is of course not entirely complete but this is a true collaborative initiative and we will be adding to the list on a regular basis. We remain at your entire disposal for any questions you may have and would also be grateful for any other information you may have that could be added to this list.  

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